Yeah, that’s a strange, convoluted episode title.  It went through two other iterations before landing on this one; Philly Gives Good Heads, and Baby Got Head.

‘Cause this episode is all about heads.  Missing heads, severed heads, brains that have been stolen from heads and animal heads used to insult and intimidate.  WTF is up with this state and severed heads?

In this episode we go back in time over 100 years for the tale of a severed head in Shamokin, PA, and then travel back to the future for the story of an embalmed severed head that sounds like something out of Phantasm. Did I mention the eye sockets of this particular severed head?  No?  Well, you’ll just have to listen and try not to get totally creeped out AF!

Huge What Ups to Justin Glawe of the Daily Beast for taking time to talk with me about the embalmed severed head of Economy, PA

Shout outs in this episode to the #PodernFamily, listeners, Book vs Movie Podcast, the Epic Film Guys Podcast and cool ass Aussies Wayne and Paul from the Countdown TV and Movie Podcast.  Plus we’ve got more music from Massachusetts singer/songwriter Emmy Cerra (

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Link to the Daily Beast article, “The Head With No Body – and No Answers” by Justin Glawe, our gracious TwistedPhilly guest on this episode.


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